Folding Bath Seat

Install a folding shower seat

Folding Bath Seat

Installation of Folding Bath Seat.

ADA compliant wall mounted bathtub seats:

It can be dangerous for some of us to step in and out of a bathtub because of those tub walls and dangerous surfaces. Transferring from a wheelchair to the shower can be difficult. Dave Bearson can make it easier by installing a folding shower seat. Folding shower seats allow persons to sit in comfort and shower without having to maneuver and take a chance of slipping.

Folding shower seats are designed to make swing wall mounted shower experience as practical and comfortable as possible. Secured to the wall, this folding wall mounted bath seat makes transferring to and from a wheelchair and bathing safe and easy. They offer stability and conveniently fold up against the wall and lock in the upright position when not in use. Our ADA compliant folding shower seats are made to last a lifetime. For safety and durability, we avoid the use of springs that will corrode and eventually wear out. Our seats are maintenance free, light in weight yet heavy on performance! The tilt up fold down seat mounts to the wall We can find a seat that supports any application you have in your bathroom, contact Bearson Construction for more details.

Folding shower seats can be attractive to provide comfort and stability. Many different cosmetic appearances can be chosen like ivory or wood grain phenolic slats or with a solid white high density polyethylene top. We can include drainage and slippage options in the seats also.

Our Folding shower seat installation process is thorough so you can enjoy comfort and reliability. It includes:

Find the mounting holes.
Making sure your folding shower seat is where you want it and most importantly level.
Mark the hole locations once the desired location is determined.
Drill pilot hole through tile in each mounting location.
When complete, ensure the wall is clear of any deprise.
Secure the shower seat to the wall
Installation is complete – Test your seat to make sure it is secure.

If you are rehabbing an injury or need an install for accessibility Dave Bearson has the experience and knowledge to help enhance your life.

Folding chairs are the perfect solution. With a folding chair, you can bathe easily without worrying about falling and injuring yourself

All of our folding chairs are suitable for people with a variety of physical disabilities. Any of the folding chairs we offer can be installed for either home or commercial shower use. Contact us today if you have any questions about our benches.