Q – How long does an elevator installation take?

A – Elevator delivery and installation varies depending on the complexity of the elevator and the installation. The average elevator is completely installed and tested within 8-10 weeks of the order date. Bearson Enterprises handles the permits, ordering, and installation from start to finish.

Q – Is a state or municipal permit needed for installation?

A – All products installed by Bearson Enterprises include the handling of permits. If a permit is needed, Bearson will handle the paperwork and necessary follow-up to make sure that everything is on track.

Q – What geographic area does Bearson Enterprises cover?

A – We offer installation and repair service in the Portland Metropolitan area, and up to approximately one hunderd and twenty miles east, west, and south of Portland. We are also licensed to provide service in Southwestern Washington.

Q – In addition to needing accessibility solutions, my dexterity does not allow me to operate controls well. Do your products fit my needs?

A – Absolutely! Most, if not all, of our products are user friendly and easy to operate. If you are disabled in a way that would limit arm movement or dexerity our products would still be a perfect fit. Call us to further discuss your needs.

Q – Are the stair lift and elevator products you sell safe?

A – Beyond a shadow of a doubt. All the manufacturers we purchase from meet or exceed industry standard safety features. In addition, Bearson’s installation teams offer decades of experience in making sure that the product will operate as intended. Safety is a top priority for Bearson Enterprises.

Q – Can Bearson Enterprises construct the elevator shaft as well as install the elevator?

A – Yes, we offer all types of interior and exterior elevator shaft construction.

Q – Does insurance cover the expense of a stair lift?

A – Unfortunately, at this time most insurance companies will not cover the cost of a stair lift since it is not deemed Durable Medical Equipment. However, the K Plan of Medicaid does cover the expense. We also work closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs and they offer a program that covers the cost of a stair lift as well.