Inclinator Elevette Home Elevator

Inclinator Elevette’s System Options

The Elevette offers multiple drive systems to work in any space, with many custom cab options. Choose from a cable drum, hydraulic system, or a machine roomless overhead cable drum. This choice will depend on what is most important: space constraints, energy conservation, or the smoothest ride possible, for example.

A drum elevator does not require a machine closet, so it requires less space. They are usually cheaper than other options, but are a bit noisier.

A hydraulic elevator is most cost-effective when built into a new home. They require separate space to house the components, and are powerfully effective with heavy loads. The elevator moves with the power of pressurized fluid in an electrically powered pump.

Nonhydraulic elevators do not require shafts and therefore are installed quickly with less costs than traditional hydraulic elevators and minimal maintenance. They move more quickly up and down than hydraulic elevators. Additionally, they use less energy to run.

A home elevator is an attractive accessibility solution that can add value to your property. If you would like a consultation to determine which elevator option is the best for you, contact Dave Bearson Enterprises today at (503) 233-6422.