Increase Home Value with an Elevator

Home Elevators Provide Convenience and Value

Adding a home elevator does not mean decreasing your living space. Elevators can make previously unused space very functional. They add convenience that not only benefits you today but also adds home value and makes a sound investment. Many home buyers are looking for houses that will allow them to age in place. Beyond necessity, having the convenience of an elevator means not having to lug laundry, boxes, groceries, or luggage, up and down the stairs.

Elevators are available in custom designs to fit nearly any space, design wishes, and budgets. Imagine your dream elevator, and then give Bearson Enterprises a call to get started with a free, no-obligation consultation. We proudly serve the greater Portland Metropolitan area and SW Washington. Our goal is to improve the life of the physically challenged by helping to turn seemingly impossible feats into effortless tasks.