Ceiling Lift Track Installed in McMinnville Oregon

Ceiling-Track-Lift-McMinnville-2Ceiling lift tracks enable you to be transferred in a safe, comfortable way. providing an easy-to-operate system that eliminates the need for manual lifting, thereby reducing the risk of injuries.
A ceiling lift is a track is mounted to ceiling with lift device to transfer clients and move them along track. Numerous ceiling lift applications are superior to floor lifts in versatility. Ceiling lifts are easy to use, safe, less cumbersome than floor lift etc. The only type of lift to provide “Zero Lifting” is a ceiling lift. To learn more, click ceiling lift tips.

Key Ceiling Lifts Questions
What are the weight and height requirements of person(s) who will be using it?
Is more than one track required?
What is ceiling made of and is it dropped?
Length of track required?
Can a user operate ceiling lift independently?
What are the limitations where the ceiling lift track system is to be used?
Does end user need to be positioned carefully to achieve comfort?
Key Ceiling Lifts Track Points
Positioning much easier with ceiling lift than floor mounted lift.
If you are planning to use a portable ceiling lift then the weight of the lifting unit will be a key point in selecting the correct lift.
Manual ceiling lifts are used where someone slides you along rail.
Motorized ceiling lifts allows independent transfers by you..
Ceiling lifts can be used with walking sling.
Track can go through doorway by suspending track below header or by cutting into door header to accommodate track.

Ceiling track lifts use slings similar to the slings used in conventional floor models but that’s where the similarities end. Ceiling track systems are permanently installed in homes and buildings. Ceiling Lifts consist of lift motor which travels along a track mounted to the ceiling.

A strap descends from the lift motor to a sling cradle which the lift sling is attached. When the switch for the lift is activated the strap travels up and down, raising and lowering the sling and yourself. There are several makes and models of ceiling track systems but, as with the floor lifts, slings from one manufacturer should not be used on lifts by a different manufacturer. Another reason for using Bearson Contracting is our vast expertise dealing with Ceiling Lifts.

There are generally two configurations of ceiling track systems. The first is a lift system where the lift motor is permanently attached to the track. The permanent type lift is most often used where the ceiling track is installed throughout the house and through a variety of connectors, carousels, and joints the lift can be moved to every place in the house where transfers need to be performed. While all ceiling track systems use an electric motor to lift and lower yourself, most manufacturers offer a unit which has a second motor which will power the unit along the track. The power traversing unit is helpful for situations where you can propel yourself.

The second configurations is the portable ceiling track system. With the portable ceiling track lift, the lift motor is suspended from a wheeled carriage which travels along a track mounted on the ceiling. The big advantage of this system is that the lift motor can be moved from one track to another. In a typical installation a length of track is installed in the bedroom for transfers into and out of bed or on and off a commode and a second length of track is installed in the bathroom for transfers to and from the toilet, bathtub or shower chair.