Bruno Elite Installed in Southeast Portland

Installed Bruno Elite with custom painted rails since esthetics were in important factor for the home owner There are many stair chairs, but the Elite stands alone! Complement your home and your lifestyle with the finest in home chair lifts. The Elite has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. You will be in awe of the premium standard features packed into this chic economy stair lift. To learn more about the Bruno Elan Straight Rail Stairlift, view product details below: Two wireless call and send remote controls Offset swivel seat to provide for safe access at the top and bottom of the stairs Chair lift includes seatbelt with buckle 12” profile when arm, seat, and footrests are flipped in the ‘up’ position for ample stairway space when not in use Can be installed on either side of the stairs within just 5” of the wall Secure installation–stairlift is anchored to staircase rather than wall for added stability Safety sensors on foot plate and chair lift carriage to stop immediately if an obstruction is detected Elan’s Folding Rail option is ideal for narrow adjoining hallways: “Flip-Up” the bottom portion of the rail eliminating any tripping hazards at the bottom of the stairs. No wires running along the wall for added safety Continuously charged by any standard household outlet 300 lb. weight capacity Bruno’s Gold Warranty